6 Ways to Improve Your Intuition Right Now

Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster”
Anne Wilson Schaef

Go with your gut” is the favorable term used if we ask someone their opinion on an important decision we have to make.

Yet, when their reply suggests we follow our gut, do most of us have the capability to differentiate between intuition – that which is our gut feeling – and our mind?

I know I struggled with this up until a year or so ago, and I only started to understand it properly the more I was organically led down the spiritual path when I could tell crystal clear that my intuition was talking to me.

I come across many who follow mind, not intuition.

What is your intuition?

I see intuition as our inner GPS.  It’s our internal best friend who is there to guide us.

I believe our higher selves is connected to a higher reality outside of earth, and that our intuition is an extension of our higher self which operates in and through us (they’re both ultimately ‘us’).  It’s a very deep and complex subject, and through fear of going off topic, I’ll do a post on my thoughts about the higher self some other time.

But, the gut feeling we experience is our intuition communicating with us.  In my eyes its role is to guide, inspire and protect us.

The higher self knows our path, and our intuition directs us to the path via feelings.  Paradoxically; it’s like a silent voice, yet is so powerfully spoken.  And the funny thing about it? A large percentage of people take it for granted and don’t actually realise when or how they’re being guided by it.

They make these often crucial decisions that can end up turning their life in a completely different direction for the better – yet all along they have no idea what this feeling is that is telling them to make that decision.  Most don’t give it a second thought.

That, is intuition.

Or, what about the one where you were driving to work and traffic was crazy.  You’d normally always take a right at the lights, but for some reason something told you to go left instead, taking you on a different route today, so you go with it.

You not only got to work on time, you got there safe too – as people in the office were talking about a 10 car pile-up that happened at exactly the same time you would’ve taken your normal right turn at the traffic lights.

Then you turn to your work colleague and nervously say ”Y’know, I always take a right at those lights every day, but something told me to take a left today instead – thank God!”.

There’s the one where you meet the love of your life ‘unexpectedly’, find that job ‘out of the blue’,  or contact a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while who you find out needs help desperately, and you’re the person to help them because ‘something told you to contact him or her’.

Luck or intuition?

Here’s 6 things I do consistently to keep myself in the flow of receiving intuitive guidance:

1. Get still.

One thing many of us don’t do enough of, is get still and quiet alone.

Whether our time is being filled up by working, spending time with family, our children, partner, friends – it doesn’t really leave us much free time to get to know ourselves.

And when we are alone, we have a habit of filling what little time we do have available, by catching up on on our social media, watching TV shows or gossiping on the phone to friends.

All these are great, and definitely part of life, but what about giving ourselves some undivided attention?

We owe it to ourselves, wouldn’t you say?

I make sure I commit to spending some time alone with myself every day, which can be done in the form of meditation or simply sitting in a room with my eyes closed and listening to what my body is telling me.  Give your emotions and sensations the chance to be heard.

Going inward is a surefire way to communicate with your intuition.  The more you practice this, the greater your relationship will be with your intuition.

2. Write.

I find writing is a great way of getting in touch with my intuition.

I make sure I sit quietly for 10-15 minutes first; get myself nice and relaxed, then I start writing whatever comes to mind.  It’s quite incredible what comes out sometimes! I’ve often come away with newfound insecurities to work on –  all from writing something down that was bothering me.

On the flip side, I’ve always come out with new, creative, inspiring ideas to challenge me.  An example I can use is that I wrote down ”…never jogged before and the body must move”, so I started jogging the next day and haven’t looked back.

The trick to tapping into your intuition is not to think when you write, which is where most people struggle.

When mind is absent, intuitive writing begins.

3. Pay attention to everything.

This means pay attention to everything in general.

Look out for obvious signs and synchronicities that come into your path.  You may see or hear about something specific everywhere you go, which seems much more than just a coincidence.

If the signs feel positive – follow them through.  The feeling you get is your intuition, whilst the signs and synchronicities you receive is your higher self communicating with you.

Also, be mindful and as present as you can about all that you do.  Be in the moment, practice mindfulness, and by doing so you’ll reduce mind-chatter and live more intuitively.

If you’re chopping fruit, then chop fruit.  There’s many Buddhist quotes saying similar.  Basically; do what you’re doing, and concentrate on only that without the mind going for a hike.

4. Follow your gut. Every time.

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

It’s so easy to go against our gut feeling, but this is our ego-mind wanting to take charge.  Unfortunately, it’ll always rear its ugly head at times trying to override our intuition, so it’s important and necessary to stick with what you’re feeling and go with it.

The gut feeling also works when it’s a positive message too.  Again, the ego-mind will try and put you down by talking you out of doing something in order to ‘protect you’, but stick to your guns and go off feeling.

Following that feeling as often as possible will lead you to being able to identify with your intuition more clearly, which means better decision-making capability.

5. Let go.

Learning to relax and let go of any expectations will enhance your intuitive ability.

Don’t force or resist anything.  Allow things to flow effortlessly.  Let life move in waves just as it wants to.  When we resist we’re actually using pressure which forces us of out of life’s natural rhythm.

So kick back, relax and don’t push hard on something if the time isn’t right.  By doing this you’re open to receiving your intuitive feelings more clearly.

6. Don’t take your mind too seriously.

I touched on this a little in point 4.  Logic obviously has its place as part of being a human, but when it comes to listening to your intuition it’s not required.

I’ve done it myself where I’ve felt my intuition telling me something was right or wrong, yet I’ve thought about it too much and done the opposite.  I think we’re all guilty of that.

So, the mind will barge its way in and say ”No, that’s definitely the wrong decision; you don’t want to do that because of x, y and z”, whereas, if the feeling is right and you get a calming, reassuring ‘yes’ or ‘no’ feeling in a certain situation, then my advice would be to go with that each and every time.

And it may not seem like the best decision at the time, but that is largely because you want something to be the way you want it to be, to fit in with your needs and desires.  Learn to drop that.

What else would you add to the list?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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