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Food Sensitivities on The Spiritual Path - Changed Focus

Food Sensitivities on The Spiritual Path

One thing that is reported with many people on the spiritual path is their sensitivity to certain food sources.

So, if you think you’re going a little bonkers with suddenly going off some foods, please know that this is extremely common during a spiritual awakening.

Up until my awakening, I’d been a good eater and wouldn’t have considered myself fussy.

Even when I entered my awakening, my food remained exactly the same. It’s also not a given or fact that food will absolutely change on this path – we are all very different.

For me, it was around one year into my shift. I was heavily into self-improvement. I was religiously meditating, extremely interested in learning about the ego, observing my thoughts etc, and it really sunk in that I’d been living a lie my whole life with a mask over my face.

I’d made good progress and I could feel this. Ironically, at the time I had a job working in the food industry so I’d be around meat multiple times per day, visiting many different places.

I would eat meat daily and I really enjoyed it.

Then one day I was eating some meat and it tasted very different. I figured it was maybe the way I cooked it, so I forgot about it and the next day did what I normally would, but again, it tasted strange.

I tried a third time a few days later, and again, it tasted very strange. Not only did it taste strange, but I also felt nauseous whilst eating it, so I didn’t finish it.

Coincidentally, I also noticed that soda drinks started to taste very ‘chemical-like’ to me too.

I did some research as it was very surreal that meat and soda had suddenly started to taste strange, especially since doing a lot of inner work too.

It turns out it’s a normal part of the process in many. Why?

Well, it’s down to your vibration changing.

And if we stop and think about this logically, it makes perfect sense. Before embarking on this path we are shut off in a way. We are in our own little bubble. We are lost in thought, lost in mind and out of touch with our own energy field.

We have gone through life suppressing all that we feel and building our lives around our fears.

This lifestyle begins to slowly stop for most once they step foot on the awakening path. With a focus on inner work we are becoming more in tune with our bodies, so we learn to live from what we feel, rather than what we think.

Or in other words: our intuition becomes our director.

So, with a focus on inner work and a growing intuition, it can only mean we become more conscious – and this includes our bodies.

Some people’s dietary changes on the awakening path are a conscious choice down to ethics, and I respect that as ethics are important, but this article isn’t about ethics.

Our bodies become more responsive to us by telling us what foods feel good and what feels bad.

And remember, this hasn’t happened previously because we have been lost in thought, so our focus was the mind and not the body.

And if we cannot hear our body then eating lots of junk and processed food becomes ‘normal’ and so our body is unresponsive to it.

You may give up eating meat, having spices, drinking soda and alcohol, sugar etc. Go with it and try not to question why this is happening. Listen to your body because it knows best.

There’s no rules here – we’re all different. It may only be a matter of months your body does not want certain foods for, or it could be years – allow it and go with it.

Become excited about the changes. You are doing the right thing by honoring its needs. Trust your body and trust yourself for letting it dictate what it needs.

Even the foods your body needs during this intense time of spiritual adjustment will help you with the inevitable challenges this path brings.

You will be nourished correctly and this works systematically with your awareness.

Try not to force anything, and know that these changes aren’t a bad thing. You are on the right path for you.

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