Feathers on The Spiritual Path

Feathers appear when angels are near” 

I am quite astonished I am writing about this topic, as if someone was to ask me whether I believed in coming across a feather was a sign from the spirit world two and a half years ago, I would have probably stared at them point blank in the eyes for ten seconds giving a confused, disgusted look, followed by a shake of my head and then walking off.

How times can change.

If someone asks me my opinion on it now, I am able to tell them firsthand experiences about why I believe there is a spiritual connection to them.

I have had many experiences where I have come across feathers on my path in the most random, obscure places totally unexpectedly where you would never see them.  It was more where I was and what I was doing that makes it strange.  I could honestly write for hours giving examples.

I completely understand that if you are to talk about this subject to someone who is not on the spiritual path, they would quite literally think you are mental.  They would brand you insane and be genuinely concerned for you – and who would blame them really?

I would have been the same.  I thought spiritualism was all woo-woo before I entered my awakening.  I thought it was all make-believe and dreamlike.

People think it is impossible ‘something’ can communicate with you outside of the 3D world we live in, but they also do not understand much about energy and consciousness either.  They never ask themselves ‘I wonder how a body was formed?’, and ‘What is it that makes the body function and gives it life?’, to name but a couple of questions an awakened person asks themselves.

These are questions that are too deep for many, so the thought of something outside of us being able to communicate with us by sending us a feather is a non-starter.

But when you experience finding one in a strange place, you feel something within.  There is a knowing that there is something else involved here.  It is something that is hard to describe, but can be felt when experienced.

I am going to share three experiences that I personally had – all of which are 100% true.  You may resonate with them and not feel so insane after all.

Experience #1

It was around a year into my shift (or awakening) and I had an impulse to learn about spirit guides (I will do an article on spirit guides in the future) which came out of nowhere.

I had never heard of spirit guides before this point, but they randomly came into my mind with a strong urge to read about them.

I lit a candle, got nice and still and relaxed into a meditative state.  I then tried to communicate with my guides, based off what I had read the day before about how to do it.  I did not know if I was doing it right, or in fact if this was going to work.

After 10-15 minutes of being in a meditative state and asking my guides to show me a sign they are present with me, I felt an energy around me.  I felt the slightest and faintest of  a gentle breeze around the back of my neck and on my right cheek.  I made sure all windows and doors were shut in the house before doing this.

This energy and presence continued to be felt, so I figured at this point I had got their attention as I had not experienced this energy before during any meditation session I have had, and at this stage into my shift I had done a couple of thousand, easy.

I remembered what I had read the day before, and it said to ask them to send you something specific as a sign you have reached them and that they are with you.  The person in the article said they asked their guides to send them a white feather, so I did the same.

I also gave them a very specific time as to when I wanted to see it by (as per the article too), so I made it clear that I wanted to see it no later than Friday (it was Monday night when I did the meditation).

Once the meditation and communication with my guides had finished I let the request for the feather go completely from my mind and went to sleep.  I held no attachment to it and was not going to think about it all the time, as I wanted it to flow naturally without pressure.

I awoke the next morning completely free from any thoughts about the feather request and got on with my morning as I normally would.  I opened my bedroom blind and something made me look on my driveway, which thinking back was something I never consciously did.  Something steered me to do it.

As I looked out, my eyes instantly got diverted to a specific spot on the driveway, which was right smack-bang in the middle of the entrance to it.  You could not have got it anymore in the center.

I saw what looked like a pen and a white feather, but I was not 100% sure as my car was blocking some of the view, but at this point I remembered about the spirit guide request.  I had a strange feeling within as I was going down the stairs towards the front door that just maybe my request had been answered.

I walked to the entrance of the driveway and sure enough lying smack-bang in the center was a pure white feather and a pen!

This energetic feeling rushed right through my body when I saw it – something I had never felt before.  It was like a confirmation.  I knew I had been answered.

What makes this more surreal is that the area I lived in did not have many white feathered birds visit.  There was also no feather in either of my neighbors driveways or gardens either.

This appeared to be too much of a coincidence.  It is my belief that this was communication from the spirit world.

Experience #2

I was under immense stress – the most I have ever experienced in my personal life.  The issue was completely out of my control and was something I had to accept.

I was fearful, anxious and at times, petrified.

I was working in quite a demanding role.  It was very taxing both mentally and physically to a degree.  I was commuting in my car on a long journey and I was suffering mentally and emotionally over what was happening in my life.

I was three quarters of the way to my destination and I began breaking down in tears.  I was in a mess and I started talking about my worries and how fearful I was out loud, or rather shouting – putting it ‘out there’ if you will.  I wanted comfort from something.

I remember asking for help and to be shown a sign that everything was going to be alright and that what was going on was going to settle and end in my favor, so I asked for a feather again.  I almost prayed for this feather as a sign of reassurance.

I arrived at my destination and I reversed into the last available parking space.  As I was reversing I turned my head around to the back window and saw this white feather fall gently from the sky and land on the roof of my car.

I experienced the same feeling I explained in the previous example.  I felt reassurance and comfort through my body.  A feeling that I am being looked after and that everything was going to be okay.

For the record, a feather had never fallen on my car before this or has not after it.  The timing was divine.

Example #3

I had been coming across black feathers in strange places over the course of a few weeks during this particular time, and I was also healing very intensely too.

I was taking some old trash to be disposed of and had one last garbage sack to put in my car.  I lifted up the sack and underneath it was a black feather laid there.  I immediately felt an electrical-type current run through my body.

I smiled and knew it was another sign.  I got in my car and out of nowhere a person’s name who I once knew but had not seen for a couple of years came into my mind.

I set off driving and three minutes into my journey I drove past this person.  They live nowhere near me, and I never see them in my town.

This person was linked to my intense healing, and my body did not feel good at all during this time.  I was out-of-sorts and very fragile to say the least.

I knew this was a sign that the link to this person was still there and the healing was not over and there was more pain and suffering to come up and be released.  This person, though not in my life on a personal level, was very much involved in my life during a healing one.

The issues and healing associated to this person were not over and the black feathers I had seen for weeks prior to this moment, coupled with this particular experience, was confirmation as such.


I am not knowledgeable on feathers and their meanings, but I do feel from first-hand experiences that certain color feathers have certain meanings from the spirit world.  This is my opinion, though.

I think the higher in awareness you are, and obviously the greater your intuition is, the more you are freely able to tap into the spiritual world.  In my opinion, I think meditation increases physic senses to the spiritual world.

The color of the feather signifies where you are currently at in life, or what is about to head your way in my experience.

White Feather

My take on white feathers is that they are a sign you are being looked after.  When I come across white feathers in strange places, I feel a sense of protection.

I feel my spirit guides/angels are sending me a message telling me that all is okay and that they have my back.  I also think they may be associated to a deceased loved one that wants you to know they are with you.

When I see one, I feel a sense of peace and calmness.  If I tune-in to my body when I see one I feel a reassurance that everything is going to be fine.  Almost a feeling of ‘keep the faith and stay resilient’.

And if I am going through a stressful and challenging time, then I feel the message is to relax and go easy on yourself.

Black Feather

My take on coming across black feathers in strange places is that it is a message that some negativity may be coming my way.

I say this because when I had a period of coming across them I was healing hard and life was very challenging.  Or, life got challenging.

But, despite this feeling, I feel a sense of comfort in knowing that once you have gone through the dark times, you will come out stronger than ever before and with newfound perception and perspective in certain areas.  Almost a new clarity.

My body told me the black feather is a warning sign, but not something to be concerned about.  The feeling was a ‘dig deep and get through this’.

Based on my experiences at the time and seeing black feathers, it coincided that life was rough, but big inner changes were coming on the other side.

So next time you come across a feather in an obscure place – sense how your body feels and stop and assess what is going on in your life at that time, whether positive or challenging.

It may make complete sense…

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