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#1 - Clearing Your Inner Clutter: The Truth About This Guide - Changed Focus

#1 – Clearing Your Inner Clutter: The Truth About This Guide

My aim over the next few months is to share how I personally heal my emotional pain.

I’ll be writing numerous articles which breaks down the whole process from start to finish. That way, you can re-read whichever article you feel necessary, as often as you wish.

What I will start by saying is that these articles aren’t going to provide you with new-age revolutionary techniques that nobody has tried before.

And there’s certainly no secret to it.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for an easy technique to free yourself of pain then this isn’t for you.

This is designed to face and heal emotional pain that has probably been inside you for over two decades, at the very least.

If you’re reading this I imagine you are feeling pain – or at least have an interest in emotional healing. If you’re in pain or have an interest in healing, then you’re the type of person who is ideal for this.

If you’re not, you may find it a little more difficult to perform the healing techniques, as you cannot force pain to come to the surface to be released.

This will be written as a guide, so it does what it says: guides you through the healing process.

Article-by-article, it’ll start to make sense.

Some articles will be larger than others, but I want to keep it in bite-sized chunks so it is easier to digest and implement, rather than be too overwhelming.

I’m no expert, so if you’re experiencing thoughts of self-harm and suicide then I ask that you consult a doctor.

This is a process that I use myself to great success. I have also shared it with others who report the same success.

There will be elements within certain articles that I have learnt from watching and listening to much more advanced practitioners than me – but there are many techniques I have created myself that work, too.

I feel passionate about helping others heal emotional pain.

It is something we all have, and it is something most of the population do not understand they have. They are not aware of it.

If sharing my practice helps just one person, I will be very happy. The thought of one less person living free from conditioned emotional pain brings me joy.

If you really commit to reading and understanding what I write in each article, then your pain will start to leave you.

Sounds a bold statement, but I know it will. Patience, lots of self-care and being gentle on yourself is the key to releasing your blockages.

There is no timescale for healing emotional pain, so if you have one, then this needs to be dropped as automatically you are adding more pressure to your nervous system.

Remember: we all have varying levels of trauma – but it will ease, I assure you.

The key to all of this is to work with your nervous system and allow it to feel safe with you. This can take time because it has been protecting you for years and years.

Once you start to ‘open up’, you will start to release pain, and your nervous system will not be holding on so tightly.

Will all your pain leave you? Perhaps not, it all depends how much trauma you have within.

But this isn’t an expectation you should have. Go in with this open-minded and know that any progress is still progress.

I will number each article making it easy to follow, i.e. #1, #2, #3 etc. You know where you’re up to then.

I hope you enjoy following my articles over the forthcoming months, and that you start to understand and appreciate your pain on a deeper level.

Article #2 will follow on from here.

All the best,


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  1. Melvin Dsouza | 25th July 2019 at 9:43 am | Reply

    Eagerly waiting for the articles

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